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Fiduciary Services

The highest standard of care; refers to the relationship one party has to another, to act entirely in the best interest of, and on the other party's behalf.


Court appointed management of financial affairs on behalf of a third-party.

Guardianship of Individuals

To care for the personal and property interests of those unable to do so for themselves.



Administration of property for the benefit of a third-party.




SAGE Elder Care was founded by Ron Hill, who has spent his life serving others; whether it be as a husband, father of 4, grandfather of 8, or practicing as an attorney.


Originally from Alberta Canada, Ron spent 25 years in private practice as an attorney advocating for the interests of others. While practicing, Ron operated a number of service industry businesses both in Canada and the United States.

Ron later moved to Southern Utah and acquired his Master of Laws from Brigham Young University and continues his practice of law with Barney McKenna & Olmstead, P.C. in St. George.

Ron felt there was a need in Southern Utah for passionate advocates of incapacitated individuals and became nationally certified as a guardian so that he could establish SAGE Elder Care.

At SAGE, we are passionate about the dignity, rights and preferences of those in need. SAGE now stands as one of the best and only guardianship and elder care facilities in Southern Utah.


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